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Startling Stereograms by Gary W. Priester & Gene Levine
Startling Stereograms

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Stereogram Viewing Tips

Many people have difficultly seeing the hidden 3D image in a stereogram.  Some people will indicate that they are simply unable to see them.  While a very small percentage of the population may be physically unable to do so, a vast majority can indeed see them.  It is important that you keep trying.  Once you are able to see your first stereogram, the process of viewing future images becomes much easier.

If you are having trouble seeing the hidden images in the stereograms on this site, several viewing tips are provided below:

  • With your eyes about 18 to 24 inches from the screen, choose a spot in the center of the image and stare directly at it.

  • Continue to stare at the image and let your eyes relax.  Try to focus your eyes as if you are trying to look through the image at something behind it.

  • Your eyes may go slightly out of focus - this is ok.

  • After a short period of time, you may start to see some depth appear on the image.  If this is the case, then you are very close.  Hold your eyes on the same spot and continue to let the hidden image move toward you.

  • If you do it properly, you will now start to see the hidden image.

  • If you still can't see the image, keep trying.  There is a hidden image or 3D element in each of these image.  Don't give up!

A 3D stereogram is a flat image that produces a three-dimensional effect when viewed in a certain manner.